Early 1900's Mountainside Buildings and Streets
Hoppe Farms located on Route 22 was the place to
get fresh produce and a hot meal in the 1940’s.
This 1913 photo depicts the Mountainside Post
Office where customers could also purchase
Beaman’s Blacksmith Shop in 1924 which once
stood on what is now the parking lot behind the
Mountainside Deli.  Mr. Beaman was known to
give his handmade horseshoe nail rings to
neighborhood children.
Prior to modern construction this is a view of Summit
Road and Sunny Slope Drive in 1949.
In 1913 this road side refreshment stand
located on Route 22 is now home to the
Spanish Tavern.
A 1937 photo of Route 22 where it crosses into
Echo Lake Park.
The Somerset Bus Terminal on Route 22 in 1941.
A view of Route 22 looking East at Summit Road.  The
Tydol station pictured is now home to the Getty gas
Mountainside’s famous Chatterbox on Route 22
in 1942.  The land is now home to the
Mountainside Elk Club and the Mountainside
Indoor Tennis Club.
A 1930 photo of the Tourist Hotel located on Route22
now home to Manor Care Nursing Home.
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