To fund various needed projects in the
Hetfield House & Levi Cory House, the
Mountainside Historical Restoration
Committee is raising monies through the
addition of bricks in a commemorative
walkway.  Monies raised will be used for
some very necessary repairs and
maintenance to the Hetfield House and to
move & repair the Levi Cory House..

Personalize your brick with names, dates,
or events that will remain a part of
Mountainside's history.  Children, family
members, or loved ones can be recorded
as a lasting tribute.

Bricks honoring veterans from past wars
can be can also be ordered up to
Sept. 15th for the Nov. 11th dedication.

Stop by Mountainside Borough Hall and
view the display.  Available for only $100,
your brick will include 2 lines of 14
characters, spaces, or punctuation.  One
additional line may be purchased for $10.  
Each of these lines can be expanded to
18 characters for $10 per line.

Purchase forms may be dropped off at
Borough Hall or mailed to the
Mountainside Historic Restoration
Committee.  (see "CONTACT " on the
Home Page)

The next brick dedication will take place
in the Fall of 2015.  Please call us with any
questions (908)789-9420.
Please make your checks payable to the Mountainside
Historic Restoration Committee.  Enclose a note to us if
you wish acknowledgement of a memorial brick.
Personalized Brick Fund Raiser
Brick Order Form
Please fill out and PRINT the form below to order a brick.
Enter your inscription below using up to 14 characters (including
punctuation and blank spaces) per line-two lines for each paver.  
One additional line may be added for $10.00.  Also, each line can be
expanded to 18 characters for $10.00 per line.
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